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Abba Fitness Running Program

Are you looking to improve your endurance, stamina, performance , or overall running. If so, we would like to find out what your specific goal is so that we can help you reach it once an for all.

We are kicking off our interval running program.  The purpose of the program is to give you specific coaching and  accountability to help you improve with your fitness or running goals. 

Coach Ramiro & Eli  Owners Abba Fitness

Our mission is simple. We want to help you with your health and wellness goals. Our Purpose on the other hand is to positively IMPACT you and your family's life. PERIOD.

We have committed our lives to helping you achieve a higher level of success with your fitness. We will do our part to transfer our knowledge of fitness to add value to you and your family's life. 

Regardless the current stage of life, your fitness, your age, or your background our program is designed for anyone at any level. 

We look forward to helping you with your running and and fitness goals. 

Abba Running Club is a Complete Full Body Running and Functional Strength Training Program.
Our Proven System Includes a Winning Formula:
1.  Community & Accountability
Our Positive training environment is an invaluable asset to your daily motivation. The culture of our program is second to none. "Our Mission is to help you with your health and wellness goals."
2. Goal setting & Assesment
We will help you set a goal and then hold you accountable to reaching that goal! Set your bar high and we will help you reach achieve it.
3.  Hill Training**
This is the Foundation to building your endurance. Start where you are at. Work with what you have. Then improve. That is a winning formula with any area of your life.
4.  Strength Training**
What sets our program apart from all other running programs is our belief that full body strength training is a necessary compliment to your running and training regiment.
5.  Interval Training
In order to see the benefits of all your hard work it is imperative that  interval training is done systematically.  This component of training will separate what you want with what you will get.
6.  Nutritional Consultation
Mobility and flexibility add another layer of fitness your health. Adding this component will aid in injury prevention and improved recovery.
7.  Sports Nutrition **
Great nutrition is the cornerstone of a higher level performance and results. Having a nutrition road-map and coach to guide you is another layer of success towards your fitness and health goals.
Giving Back 
A Portion of the proceeds will be donated back to the Lift Memorial Elementary Library program. For more details go to LIFT MEMORIAL

** Represents optional training **

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Amy- Houston



  • This is a personalized coaching and running program.  All the running training will be at Memorial Park Small Track
  • First Training will be on Saturday November 7 @ 6:45am
  • We will start the warm up promptly at 6:45 am 
  • You will get a personalized Week Training Schedule
  • One one One goal setting assessment.
  • Optional Strength training either online or live at Abba Fitness
  • Ongoing Motivation and Support
  • You will get a Personal Coach to help you with your goals
  • Accountability


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Frequently Asked Questions
Where Are You Located?
What is your schedule?

How can I get a hold of you if I have a question?
You can call or text us at 832-648-1417 or email us at
If I am out of shape can I still do the program?
Yes.  Start where you are at. Work with what you have, and get better. 
We can also make modifications and scale the workouts to fit your fitness level.
 Does it include a nutrition plan too?
The nutrition plan is optional, we will tell you exactly what and when to eat so you can easily reach your goals.
How many days a week can I train?
There are two training options.  
1.  Basic Program which is our 6 Week Saturday Hill Training Only
2.  Premium Program which includes the basic program plus our Functional training program done live at Abba Fitness or Remotely
Crossfit is designed for performance only. Our program is 100% designed to maximize your full potential by improving your endurance, leanness, strength, and overall mobility.
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